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A Catered Affair to Remember!

What Do You Need to Tell Your Caterer?

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Every caterer will have specific questions for you about your particular event. This is just a quick list of some basic questions we ask our clients in order to assure that we understand what you want and are able to fulfill your vision of your event.

1. What is your vision of your event? Do you have a theme in mind? What kind of decor are you using? Do you have pictures of what you like and want to emulate? What colors are you using? Do you have any samples of your decor? What kind of flowers are you using? Do you have a wedding book or a Pinterest page that shows what you like?

2. When and where is your event going to be? What time does it start? What time does it end?

3. How many guests are you expecting? Are you sending out RSVPs? Do you know the age range of the majority of your guests?

4. What kind of food would you like to serve? A full meal or finger foods? What is your goal in presenting food to your guests - to give them a good meal or to just give them something to nibble on?

5. Will there be seating available for all of your guests? If not, how many seats will be available?

6. How would you like to serve the food? A plated dinner, a self-service buffet, an interactive action station, or a combination of some or all of these? Do you want a more formal service or something more fun and engaging?

7. Will you be serving alcohol? If so, just beer and/or wine or mixed drinks? Have you made arrangements for a bar tender?

8. Will you have entertainment? A band or a DJ? Do you intend to have dancing? A photo booth? Some other form of entertainment?

9. When can you get into the venue to start getting set up? When do you have to be out of the venue? Are there fees incurred at the venue for using their facilities to prep/serve food? Are you charged fees if you are not out by a certain time?

10. Do you need any rentals? Dishes, silverware, glassware, linens? If so, who will be handling the rentals for you?

11. Do you need help setting up and/or breaking down the tables, chairs and decor in the venue? Who is responsible for cleaning up the venue after the event?

12. Do you have an event planner? Who is your florist?

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