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What Should You Ask Your Caterer?

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Your wedding catering will probably be one of the largest expenses of your wedding, so how do you make sure that your wedding caterer is experienced, professional, licensed, and able to handle your event? We have put together a few questions to ask your caterer to help you make sure that you are hiring the best caterer for your wedding.

1. How long have you been catering? How much experience do you have? The owners of Dinner's Ready have been in the food industry for over twenty years, owning several successful restaurants before becoming caterers. Dinner's Ready was founded in 2004 and since then we have catered thousands of events including hundreds of weddings. Catering is not an easy business. It is unfortunate that if you were to pick up a phone book from five years ago, you would see a mass of catering business that were listed then that have since "disappeared". Unlike many restaurants that also claim to be caterers, Dinner's Ready Catering's focus in on providing the best catering service we can and providing our clients with consistent and reliable quality.

2. Are you properly licensed and permitted? Do you carry insurance? Dinner's Ready is fully licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health and consistently receives superior ratings during periodic Health Department inspections. Our owners, as well as our top managers, are ServSafe (R) Certified, meaning that they have been certified as knowledgeable in safely handling, preparing, serving, and storing food items. It is illegal in Arkansas for someone to cater food out of a kitchen that has not been properly licensed and inspected by the Arkansas Department of Health. Dinner's Ready is also fully insured carrying both workman's compensation insurance on our staff as well as full liability insurance.

3. Do you have the trained staff necessary to cater my event? Dinner's Ready's staff are experienced, well-trained professionals. Most of our staff have been with us for a long time and have shared in our successfully catered events. As a family-owned business, we recognize the importance of creating a positive working environment. For the majority of our staff, Dinner's Ready is their primary job, the way that they support their families. For that reason, they are extremely invested in making sure that your event is resoundingly successful.

4. Do you have the equipment necessary to cater my event? Dinner Ready Catering has 10,000 square feet of working space in which we house our kitchen, our deli, our catering prep and offices areas, as well as our warehouse which stores thousands of items of decor and rentals. We have recently added a construction work area which allows us to construct many unique, one-of-a-kind props and structures for our catered events. We have the equipment necessary to cook in either our facilities or on-site at the event and to transport and maintain the food during the event. We also have rentals available for dishware, glassware, silverware and linens so that we can truly be your "one stop shop" for catering.

5. Can you help me with the rentals I'll need for my event? Absolutely! Dinner's Ready has dishware, flatware, glassware and linens available for rent when we cater your event. And if we don't have what you are looking for, we will gladly help you coordinate with a rental company to make sure you get what you need, make sure it is delivered on time and accurately, and make sure that it is returned to the rental company.

6. Who will take care of me and my event if I hire you to cater for me? Will I be dealing with someone in particular? At Dinner's Ready you will have one Catering Coordinator who will assist you with planning your event from start to finish. You will know the name of your Coordinator and they will know yours. When you call with questions or need to adjust your plans, you will know that the person you are talking to is familiar with your event and invested in making it successful. In other words, Dinner's Ready Catering offers you peace of mind that your event will be what you envision it to be.


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