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A Catered Affair to Remember!

Wedding Budget Savers

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1. Schedule your reception for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Guests will generally eat more if the reception is held during a normal meal time, especially during dinnertime. Schedule your reception to start after your guests have already eaten and they will not expect as much food at the reception.

2. The size of the plate you use affects how much guests eat. Guests will generally fill the plate they are given so putting smaller plates on a self-service buffet can reduce how much food your guests take.

3. When you serve alcohol your guests tend to eat more. Guests who are drinking alcohol generally tend to eat more than guests who are not.

4. Choosing a focal point of your meal, such as an Interactive Action Station, and pairing it with a less expensive method of service can lower the overall cost of catering the meal. Try pairing a Pasta Action Station with a stationary buffet containing assorted fresh-baked breads and a tossed salad. Or a Fajita Action Station with a stationary buffet containing condiments and cheese dip and beans and rice.

5. Self-service buffets can be a very cost effective way to serve a large number of people. Self-service buffets generally require less staff members to maintain than other methods of service.

6. Purchasing the food "by the piece" as opposed to "by the person" can save money. When you buy food "by the piece" it means that you are purchasing a certain amount of each menu item. "By the person" means that you are ordering for a certain number of guests. Purchasing "by the piece" allows you to control how much food is being brought to your event. Be aware, however, that with "by the piece" catering it is possible that you will run out of one or more menu items before all of your guests have eaten.

7. Using disposable paper goods instead of renting real dishware, glassware and silverware can save you money. There are many high-quality, clear plastic disposable paper goods available these days that in many situations are an acceptable alternative to real dishware.


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