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A Catered Affair to Remember!

Wedding Catering Myths

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1. Finger foods and hors d'oeuvres are less expensive than other catered foods. While it is true that sometimes finger foods and hors d'oeuvres can be a less expensive way to cater a meal, sometimes individually prepared items that are made by hand by our chefs, such as Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms or Bacon-Wrapped Filet Bites, can be very time consuming, much more so than if they were simply making a pan of rice. Although there are less expensive alternatives in our finger food options, such as Finger Sandwiches or 8 Layer Mexican Dip, unique and individually prepared hor d'oeuvres are more labor intensive and, therefore, higher in price. Even if you are only providing finger foods at a reception, if it is held during a normal meal time your guests will eat as if it is a meal. For that reason, you will need to provide an ample amount of an interesting variety of different finger foods to satisfy your guests appetites. For a meal held during dinnertime, you will typically need to provide 10-15 "bites" per guest.

2. Catering pricing is comparable to the cost of a meal in a restaurant. Unlike when you dine in a restaurant, when you are having a meal catered everything from the food to the decor to the dishware to the linens has to be packed, transported to the event location, unpacked, set up and displayed, and then broken down, cleaned up, repacked, and transported back to our facility. Often, it is necessary to bring in portable stoves and other kitchen equipment to prepare or finish off your food at the venue. Additionally, staff members must be paid for their travel to and from your event in addition to the time they actually work your event. All of this is done while working in relatively short time frames to make sure that your event starts and ends at the right times, sometimes making it necessary to have numerous staff members on hand to get the job done. On the other hand, a catered event gives you the opportunity to set the stage and create the ambiance you want to present to your guests in order to create the wedding of your dreams.

3. All wedding catering is frozen, pre-made meals. At Dinner's Ready our food reflects our commitment to exceptional quality. All of our meals are prepared under the guidance of our Owner and our chefs. We prepare every item the way we would prepare it for our own families, with a passion for perfection. We want your guests to be raving about the wonderful food for days to come!

4. Caterers always bring a lot of extra food so I don't have to order for as many people as I am expecting. At any catered event, the food is a major component of the success of the event. Running out of food can spell disaster for any event. At Dinner's Ready we want there to be plenty of food for the guests that you order for. But in order to keep our prices lower so that our brides can have the wedding of their dreams, we do not bring a lot of extra food "just in case". That's why it's important to order for all of the guests you are expecting.

5. All wedding catering is the same. We are oftened asked "How much do you charge to cater a wedding?" That's not an easy question to answer because no two weddings are the same. It's a lot like asking "How much does a wedding dress cost?" The answer? Well, it depends. At Dinner's Ready we understand that you don't want your wedding to be a copy of someone else's wedding. You want a special and unique event that reflects your style and vision. Dinner's Ready is a boutique caterer. That means that we do not have standardized "wedding menus" -- Package A costs $X, Package B costs $Y. We specifically design each wedding menu and decor to meet the couple's vision of their special day. When you choose to have Dinner's Ready cater your wedding, you will meet one on one with our Catering Coordinator so that at the end of the day your wedding is as special and unique as you are.

6. All wedding caterers have on-site managers. It is important that there be someone in charge at your wedding to handle all of the inevitable "unforeseen" circumstances that arise. Our job as your caterer is to assure that all of the aspects and details of your food service is handled without as little disruption to your day as possible. Although not all caterers have a manager in charge at their events, Dinner's Ready believes that it's not only a good idea, it's a necessity.


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