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Budget Friendly Wedding Decor

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1. Fabric and ribbons are a great way to add color to your event without a lot of expense. Scour your local fabric stores for discount fabrics and remnants and watch for their sales. Event small pieces of fabric can be used as a runner on a table or scrunched in the center of a dining table with a mirrored tile and glass vases with candles. Tie ribbon in the color you are using around vases to add additional touches of color.

2. Get the glass vases for your centerpieces at your local dollar stores, Goodwill, yard sales or flea markets. Mixing and matching different types of vases can create interesting centerpieces you can use for decor. Simple glass cylindar vases filled with water and a floating candle can create beautiful centerpieces. Try wiring the stem of a flower to a metal washer, putting the flower in a tall cylinder vase and covering the washer with glass beads. Fill the cylinder with water to cover the flower. Or fill the cylinder/vase with colored beads, colored sea glass, dried black or white beans, ribbons, christmas ornaments, etc. Placing the vases on glass blocks (usually found at businesses that sell brick or tile) or on mirrored tiles can add a nice effect.

3. Candles are inexpensive and add interest effects to your tables. Tiny votive candles in small clear candle holders scattered all around on tables add a romantic touch to your decor. Again, dollar stores can be a very good source for discount candles. Use candles instead of flowers for centerpieces to add a touch of elegance without breaking the bank. Place them in unexpected places and use a lot of them -- 50, 100 or more. Just be sure you don't get scented candles as they smell may conflict with the menu you are serving.

4. Use uplighting to light the perimeter of the room to illuminate your space. Many venues already have the lights available, you just need to ask.

5. Scatter loose flowers on the dining tables and anywhere else there is space. This will help pull your entire event together.

6. Upgrade your linens on highly visible tables. Use the more expensive linens on the sign-in table, the bride's cake table, the head table -- anywhere you want the focus.

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